Customizable Cleanroom Materials for Your Packaging Requirements

From poly bags to cleanroom foam, to poly tubing, there is quite the list of cleanroom packaging products available on our online store. We understand different distributors, end-users, or industries require different packaging requirements. To fit the packaging requirements of our customers we offer a variety of cleanroom materials to build a custom blend. Below are a few of our cleanroom materials offered.

CFB1000 Series- Pure Barefoot Low-Density Polyethylene

A strong general use clean packaging film specifically designed for use in clean applications. While it has a good cleanliness level, it can be slightly difficult to open. This is one of the more cost-effective cleanroom packaging films available, while still providing a good level of cleanliness, strength, and ease of sealing. Available in custom colors.

CFB1004 Series- Black UVI- CFB1004

Formulated with protection from both ultra-violet degradation and penetration. The black opaque color also hides valuable products from prying eyes to help keep your light-sensitive products and equipment secure when used as a pallet cover.

CFB1600 Series- Square Bottom Covers

Square Bottom Covers are made with the same virgin- grade materials as our cleanroom films and are tested to ensure they meet the requirements of an ISO 14644 Class 5 (FED STD 209E-Class 100) cleanroom environment.  Covers can be made from any of our polyethylene grades including LDPE, Cleantuff®, ULO®, anti-static poly (both clear and pink), UVI (black, white, or clear), in addition to several custom colors to fully meet your customer’s requirements.

CFB2500 ULO Series- Ultra Low Outgassing Poly Film

This product was engineered specifically for critical products that require packaging in a film that combines low ionic contamination and ultra-low outgassing. ULO® Poly packaging film has excellent handling characteristics and an extremely clean surface. With a higher gas barrier than standard low-density poly, ULO® Poly is an excellent choice for vacuum packaging applications. Available in custom colors. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Our competitors have tried to copy this special formula, but don’t trust your products to the counterfeiters with similar names.

CFB3000 Series- Medium Density Polyethylene

Specifically designed for use in applications where cleanliness levels exceeding IEST-CC- STD 1246D level 100 are necessary. It contains no additives such as slip, anti-block, or antioxidants and exhibits excellent characteristics in the areas of Ionic Contamination, Outgassing, Non-Volatile Residue, and Cleanliness. Available in custom colors.

Our variety of materials, cleanroom film, and bags allow us to develop a custom blend of materials to fit your specific applications or requirements. Please contact a Texas Technologies specialist for help choosing a film to best suit your needs.