Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Sealer- Model HDMP3

From industrial to medical and pharmaceutical the HDMP3 is built to handle the big jobs and the toughest materials. This model comes in two body sizes; the wide body 35”, 40”, 50” and 60”, and the small body 20”, 25”, and 30”.


This heavy duty sealer has the control to handle virtually any sealing, vacuum sealing or modified atmosphere packaging application and can seal materials from 20” to 60” wide. You can use the HDMP on a table top, a stand, or in a full vertical position over a conveyor.


The 4” wide jaw opening allows you to easily position the package in the seal jaw area resulting in maximized production speeds. Production flexibility all in one machine:

  • Five selectable seal modes: gas flush, selectable upper and lower heat, and optional preset recipes
  • Simple full digital PLC controls with touch screen allows for simple training and consistent operating performance.

Designed and built with the highest quality components and manufacturing techniques to ensure unmatched product quality.

HDMP Sealer and Vacuum Sealer Series Features:

  • Gas purge standard
  • NEMA stainless steel enclosure
    • Laser cut and welded seams allow for cleaning and resists the effects of harsh biocides
  • Retracting vacuum nozzles
    • Two nozzles (small body)
    • Four nozzles (large body)
    • Easily detachable nozzle assembly for cleaning
  • High pressure seal jaws seal difficult materials

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