Introducing Ultra Mist- The Sustainable Way to Spray!

Stop masking the odor; most of us have used a spray that leaves an area smelling great… for 30 minutes and then the smell is back. Eliminate single-use aerosol and neutralize odors instead of masking them with JAWS Professional Ultra Mist. Not only is the solution effective it is sustainable, but the ultra mist bottle can also be reused each time you need a new bottle of odor neutralizer, making this one of the most sustainable options on the market.

Check out the video below to learn more about the benefits of JAWS Ultra Mist.

Air and Fabric Odor Neutralizer Features:

Ultra Mist Bottle Features:

  • Reusable & Recyclable
  • Delivers Fine Mist
  • Same Size as Standard Aerosol Can (10oz.)
  • Near 100% Evacuation
  • Zero Propellant

Where to Use:

  • Pet Care
  • Common Spaces
  • Transit Vehicles
  • Offices
  • Entrances & Lobbies
  • Exercise Facilities and More!

With the revolutionary JAWS Professional Odor Control System, you’re able to address the foulest of odors with a pleasant scent and an environmentally preferred package. If the JAWS Ultra Mist System is missing something you are looking for, please reach out to our specialists. It is our goal at Texas Technologies to support you in finding the right cleaning product for your home or business.