Molecular Sieve

Tri-Sorb® Molecular Sieve is available in several different sizes of pre-packaged Tyvek and GDTII pouches. Texas Technologies can assist you in deciding which packet size is appropriate for your application. Please be aware that due to the aggressiveness of this particular desiccant type, the product is made to order, non-cancelable, non-refundable and there is a 5 container minimum order per size.

Type 4A Molecular Sieve is used to dehydrate most fluids. Applications include both static and dynamic drying. Static applications (non-regenerative) include drying of refrigerant gasses, usage in desiccant packages, and in insulating glass units. Dynamic applications (regenerative) include drying of natural gas, LPG, air, inert gases, and solvents. Type 4A can also be used to remove carbon dioxide, ammonia and methanol from fluid streams.

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 Pouch Size







 27 X 70 mm


 12 LBS

 $ 67.40




 22 X 54 mm


 14 LBS

 $ 100.00  BUY NOW



 22 X 38 mm


 11 LBS

 $ 115.00  BUY NOW



 16 X 30 mm


 7 LBS

 $ 125.10



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