Returning to Work with Texas Technologies

As businesses start to reopen many employees are returning to the workspace. Here are some great safety options for the office and employees.

Create workstation barriers.

ESD Curtains: ESDC1003C. Ideal for use in controlled environments to separate work areas or processes. Used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment manufacturing, printing, painting, and any other industry where static is a concern.

MT5500 Series IDP Cleanroom Matting. Extremely durable ESD mat that protects your sensitive items as well as your work surface. Transparent – can be used as softwalls to separate work areas in controlled environments such as Cleanroom and data centers

Facemask protection.

Washable Cleanroom Facemasks

The FM03 is a reusable, Cleanroom Safe, Anti-Static face mask. The mask is made with a ESD safe Class 100 Cleanroom fabric with a conductive grid that reduces static generation. This face mask can be machine washed.

FM03-L: Size Large FM03-S: Size Small

Disposable KN95 Facemasks

The FM01 KN95 Folding Protective Mask offers multiple layers of protection. Designed to be the perfect solution for use in critical environments where the need of protection against unwanted particles is required. The KN95 Face Mask is an anti-dust, anti-disease, anti-pollination, and anti-saliva personal protection product. Manufactured in a sterile, ultra clean environment where dust free and sterile production is accomplished.

For more products such as disinfectants and sanitizers please visit our cleaners site here. If you don’t see a Covid-19 related product that you are looking for please reach out to our specialists.