Wafer Handling and Storage Products

Our wafer handling product line is a cost-effective solution to secure storage and transport of semiconductor wafers. Our horizontal canister boxes are engineered solutions designed for secure storage and transport. A wide range of cushion disks, jar liners, and wafer separators are available.

Device protection and contamination control begins at the wafer fab and extends to the assembly site. The most valuable product in the semiconductor and electronics industry is also the most fragile and susceptible to mishandling and contamination. Single wafer shippers are a great solution when you need to package or transport individual wafers.

Specialized Materials:

  • Ultra-pure foam
  • Open/closed cell foams
  • Anti-static/static dissipative cushions
  • Anti-static/conductive separators

Wafer Shipper Options from Texas Technologies

300mm, 200mm, and 150mm Black Conductive PC Clamshell Single Wafer Shippers: 

  • Ideal for transporting individual wafers within the fab or between facilities
  • Provides safe transport with limited surface contact
  • Smooth surfaces allow efficient cleaning and drying
  • Designed for wafer device-side down for simple wafer insertion and removal


300mm, 200mm, and 150mm Clear Clamshell Single Wafer Shippers:

  • Designed to protect and transport wafers during shipping or storage
  • The transparent materials allow for easy visual checks and labeling
  • Reusable with proper cleaning
  • Eight cushions hold wafers safely

Also Available are our Shipping Jars

Key benefits of shipping jars:

  • Easy loading/unloading in automated or manual applications
  • Impact-resistant containers feature a snap-on lid for secure packing
  • Available in both conductive PP and natural (non-conductive) PP materials
  • A wide range of cushion disks, jar liners, and wafer separators are available

Please contact us if you would like more information on Wafer Shipping Products- our specialists would be happy to chat with you. It is our goal at Texas Technologies to find the best solution for your packaging needs.