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    ESD Safe Rubber Bands

    $60.95$68.75 or from $57.90$65.31 / month
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    ESD Safe Rubber Bands-0

    ESD Safe Rubber Bands

    $60.95$68.75 or from $57.90$65.31 / month

    Texas Technologies carries a wide assortment of Pink Anti-static and Black Conductive Rubber Bands for use around static sensitive components. The conductive black rubber bands are specially manufactured to handle the problem of static in the semiconductor and electronic industry.

    Conductive Rubber Bands and Anti Static Rubber Bands are used to protect, but are not limited to, static sensitive components, and bundling IC tubes and trays.

    Key Benefits:

    • Various sizes available
    • Does not generate static charge
    • Tested to Mil-B-81705C Fed, Standard 1010B

    Please contact us for pricing on quantities over 5 bags.