Texas Technologies is a full service wholesaler of manufacturing and packaging supplies, serving manufacturers of semiconductors, electronics, pharmaceuticals, cleanroom facilities, and food products. We support our claim of full service by actively assisting customers in identifying problem areas within their manufacturing and packaging process.

Texas Technologies can help you find a Cost Effective Solution to your toughest Packaging Problems.

Packaging And Foil Corrosion Control Desiccant And Humidity Cards

Molecular Sieve And Silica GelSealersStatic Control

Cleanroom ConsumablesHandling SuppliesHepa Vacuum Cleaners

Anti Fatigue MatsBullfrog Corrosion

If you need to Regulate Moisture with Desiccant, Inhibit Corrosion with VCI Products, Prevent Contamination with Cleanroom Supplies, or Control Static Electricity Problems with ESD Products, we can help. We have years of experience in providing the right industrial packaging and wholesale supplies to our clients to handle a variety of needs.

Whether you package products for consumers or business users, we have the resources and experience to help solve your packaging problems.

We stock the products needed to package and protect your items, including:


Plus we also offer:

  • Standard Bag Sealers and Vacuum Sealers for the electronics & semiconductor, food packaging, medical & pharmaceutical and the personal care products industries.
  • Complete line of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protective products including , ESD labels and signs, grounding wrist straps and heel grounders, floor and table static control mats, anti-static tape, ESD/Static-safe vacuum cleaners, static control testing and device monitoring equipment.
  • General Cleanroom Supplies - Cleanroom Clothing buy now in our online store(suits, shoe covers, bouffants, gloves, face covers),Cleanroom Paper, Cleanroom Tape, and Cleanroom Swabs.
  • Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies - Cleanroom Spill Control Kits, Sticky Mats, Sticky Rollers, Sticky Mops, Cleanroom Vacuums, Cleanroom Wipes, Cleaning Chemicals and USP 797 Cleaning Kits for Isolators, Hoods and Compounding Rooms.
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