Affordable and Dependable Vacuum Sealer: Accu-Seal Model 235

An Accu-Seal sealer designed for the user who just wants to get it done without paying an arm and a leg, the 235 Budget Sealer simplifies the process and cuts the cost of high-quality vacuum sealing. This industrial grade vacuum sealer is built with the highest quality components and manufacturing techniques to ensure many years of reliable, trouble-free service.


235 Budget Sealer Features:

  • ‘No pinch’ vacuum jaw increases user safety and eliminates the need for complex bag stretchers
  • Exclusive independent jaw system eliminates bag waste and provides optimum seal conditions
  • Variety of seal widths and styles available
  • Clean design and tough paintlock/powdercoat finish reduces cleanroom prep time
  • Retractable nozzle reduces operator training and cycle time
  • Quick-release seal jaw speeds maintenance

A price of less than $2,000, and a one year warranty makes the Model 235 Budget Vacuum Sealer the industry leader in bang for your buck. Experience the difference with Accu-Seal.

If you have any questions or are looking for sealer information or parts you don’t see on our online catalog, please contact our specialists to assist you. It is our goal to support you in finding the right sealer for your needs.