ESD Safe Protective Boxes

ESD Protective Boxes provide a practical and effective way of shipping, storing and processing ESD sensitive items.

  • Wide Range of ESD Protective Foam
  • Specialized Device Inserts
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  • Custom Sizes and Materials

Device Insert Tray

Designed to be inserted into rigid conductive boxes; adding greater protection to unnecessary damage from transport, storage and handling.

ESD Protective Foam

  • Anti-static
  • Conductive
  • Static Dissipative
  • Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Cross-linked and Specialty Foams

Custom ESD Packaging

With our manufacturer having over 25 years of designing and engineering ESD solutions we still listen to the evolving needs of the Semiconductor Industry. At times our stock products cannot meet the exact requirements. For these instances our design engineers will research your product needs thoroughly. Then we work with you to determine the correct solution for your application.


  • Low cost tooling
  • Custom design support
  • Economical packaging cost
  • Multiple material options

Laser Engraving / Cutting

  • No cost design services
  • Low cost tooling
  • Fast production turnaround
  • Prototyping services available

Please give us a call at 800.858.1379 or 512.267.0100 to discuss your exact needs and dimensions of your product.   Tell us your Requirements and we will have it manufactured it to your specifications! You can also e-mail us at