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Dri-It Moisture Absorber, 2 Pack | Desiccant Part # Z-TFP2


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Protect your valuables from mildew, mold, rust, corrosion, odors, and other harmful effects of moisture with Dri-It®. Dri-It® is the new generation of moisture protection. Dri-It allows water vapor to easily enter the pouch where it is transformed into a thick gel. The gel is then contained within the pouch, avoiding messy spills and leakage. Contains 2 Dri-It® pouches per zip-top reclosable. Pricing is per bag of two pouches.

Part # Z-TFP2

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Great for protecting:

Automobiles & Classic Cars, Basements, Bathrooms, Boats, Camping Equipment, Closets, Garages, Holiday Ornaments, Moving Vans, RVs, Safes, Sleeping Bags, Storage Units, Tents

Dri-It® Usage Recommendation:

Generally, use one to two Dri-It® pouches for every 50 cubic feet (5’x5’x2’). Pouch life may vary depending on humidity conditions.

* 50 cubic feet = 1 – 2 pouches

* 100 cubic feet = 2 – 4 pouches

* 150 cubic = 3 – 6 pouches


Step One: Remove Dri-It® pouches and humidity indicator card from foil bag. Recommended amount: One to two pouches for every 50 cubic feet (5’x5’x2’). Pouch life may vary depending on humidity conditions. For delicate surfaces: Leave the brown film on the back of the Dri-It® pouch and place it print-side up to avoid removing paint or wallpaper, or damaging surfaces. For non-delicate surfaces: Peel brown film off the back of the Dri-It® pouch and stick it where needed. Do not place the printed side of the Dri-It pouch in direct contact with metal.

Step Two: For best results, position Dri-It® as high as possible, as moisture rises. Let Dri-It® do its job.

Step Three: Replace Dri-It® pouch when it feels completely like a gel, which means it is saturated. Dispose with regular waste and replace with new Dri-It® pouches. Use the Dri-It® humidity indicator card to help you determine the relative humidity level. The highest pink dot on the card indicates the current level of humidity. The dots continue to change color as humidity fluctuates.

Weight 2 lbs

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