Aclar/Hydroblock is a clear, poly-chloro-tri-fluoro-ethylene (PCTFE) film that has been the trusted choice for pharmaceutical packaging for over 40 years. It meets the increasing barrier and shelf-life requirements of even the most demanding drug formulations, for all climate zones.

Aclar films enable you to utilize a flexible, efficient thermoformable packaging platform. And with the breadth of thermoformable moisture barrier products available in the Aclar films product line, you have options for matching the right Aclar product.

Whether you require mid, high, or ultra-high moisture barrier, there is an Aclar product available to provide you with the optimum balance of performance and economics for your application. For applications requiring oxygen and/or light barrier protection, Aclar film can easily be laminated to a wide range of substrates including white or amber PVC, EVOH, or others.


Aclar film properties:

  • Highest moisture barrier of any clear thermoplastic film
  • Bio-chemically inert
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Non-flammable
  • Plasticizer and stabilizer free
  • Processes within the same range as other thermoforming films
For assistance in selecting the right Aclar product, please contact Texas Technologies.