With over thirty unique swabs available, the Constix® swab line offers a solution to almost any swab application problem. The newly expanded line includes sealed and wrapped foam swabs for general swab applications, sealed and wrapped polyester swabs for applications with critical contamination sensitivity, and static dissipative and conductive swabs for static sensitive applications.

Custom Design Capability
For specific applications, Contec offers compete analysis, design, prototypes, and production of new swabs. This includes thermally bonded foam swabs and the wrapped swabs which are readily customized to a wide variety of head sizes and shapes.

SF Series:
The Sealed Foam swabs have 100PPI polyurethane heads for good strength and abrasion resistance. This foam is excellent for particle entrapment and retention.

SP Series:
The Sealed Polyester swabs have heads made from Contec’s POLYNIT cleanroom fabric for exceptionally low residue and particulate levels. The SP Series swabs are also the best option for use with acetone, trichlorethane, and nitric and sulfuric acids.

Several Constix® swabs are available with truly conductive handles for ESD sensitive applications.

Technical data for any Constix® swab is available upon request including particulate, extractable residue, and specific ion content.