Why Use It: Static Shielding Film

Static Shielding Film

When it comes to preserving electronics, the packaging is king! The correct packaging will keep products from accumulating dust, physical trauma, moisture, and maybe most importantly, electrostatic discharge (ESD). Most electronics are so vulnerable to ESD that even a tiny fraction of electricity could ruin most devices. This is why we provide static shielding film.

Both of our Static Shield Film series are designed to provide a static-safe environment for ESD sensitive electronic devices. They are manufactured from four layers – static dissipative coating, polyester, metal, and polyethylene laminate. 

  • A static dissipative layer provides an outer-surface that is low charging.
  • A metal-containing layer provides a conductive inner layer that suppresses electric fields.
  • A polyester layer provides added tear and puncture strength.

Here at Texas Technologies, we offer the 1000 series and 81705 series, both designed to protect your ESD vulnerable devices. We are happy to discuss the options with you and help find a customized solution for your packaging needs. Please contact our specialists to assist you.